How to Create a Flock (Event)?

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Enter the name,
date, time and address.

Open the app and click on "create"

To create the flock  

and save it, tap on

“Let’s go”.

You can find your flock by navigating to your profile .

Tap on the event just created to see the details of your event.

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Mexico only: 
Due to the poor mapping, you can drag and drop the location in the map. iOS Bug: for
iPhones you must MOVE the location picker.

To add your own picture or a description to your event, or just change the event details, tap on the edit button

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To add your own picture, tap on the camera icon. You can choose from your pictures in your photo gallery or take a picture directly with your cellphone.

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To enter your own description, tap in this field and enter it.

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Tap on “save” to 

save your changes.